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Karenza Apollo is a Lippitt Morgan stallion. The Lippitt Morgan is a unique horse. It is a member of a group of Morgan's that trace back to the original 'Figure', Justin Morgan's stallion, on a maximum of lines with minimum of known out crosses. The qualities most sought after are hardiness, longevity, tractability, intelligence & versatility. The true family horse. All Lippitts can trace their beginnings to one ( or more ) of the 8 stallions & 17 mares that where chosen as the 'Foundation stock' for the inclusion in this prestigious group.

Karenza Apollo has been colour tested and he can never produce a chestnut foal  to a chestnut mare. Red factor E/E Agouti A/A

Haymeron Park is proud to offer this
very talented stallion for stud duties
for the 2015 breeding season.
Stud Fee: $1200 for Pures plus $250 handling fee ( includes gst )

                 $990 for non Pures plus $250 handling fee ( includes gst )

All Partbred foals qualify for registration with the Australian Morgan Horse Association. Pures with America and Australia.

 $250 handling fee to be paid on booking mare in for service to stallion (non refundable )
Full payment due before mare leaves property, with a positive testing in foal.
 $6 per day for private paddock plus vet costs.
LFG ( conditions apply )

Karenza Apollo Imp NZ

Karenza Kingpin
Ryegate Syndicate Stillwater Indigo 
Major's Nubbin
Covenant Kaelyn Moro Meredith Knight
Covenant Kara Moro
Okan Missed Easter Meredith Billirubin Stillwater Indigo
Major's Nubbin
Good News Priscilla Meredith Smoky
Cleaves Bonnie Bay
Karenza Apollo Imp NZ & Rick
A full pedigree & pictures at link below
Some pictures of Apollo being  riden by Ian Leighton, December 2011.
In paddock condition and not riden in full gear for 8yrs.
True to his wonderful temperament he didn't put a foot wrong.

Karenza Apollo has a great sense of humor and loves life to the fullest. This picture is of Apollo after he stole my dogs stick off him, then ran around the paddock throwing it up in the air.
When he was finished he then threw it to our dog over the fence, to own a horse that can make you laugh is a true blessing.

Apollo passes on his temperament, trainability and love of his family to all his progeny, you would be blessed to own one of his babies.

Karenza Apollo's 2011 Purebred Filly

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